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About us

The Slovak Society of Translators of Scientific and Technical Literature (SSPOL) is a voluntary professional organisation for translators of technical, scientific and specialised literature whose source or target language is Slovak, or any of the languages of the ethnic minorities living within the Slovak Republic. It was established in 1990 and at the present time it has a membership of about 330 translators and interpreters, who translate from 27 languages.

For many of our members, translating is their main profession and they specialise in a variety of scientific and technical fields. The majority of our members have university degrees in linguistics, law, economics, natural sciences, technical or other subjects. Many of them have academic or scientific titles. For the most part they work as freelance translators or interpreters, as teachers at elementary and secondary schools or universities, as translators or editors in publishing houses, as journalists or mode rators in the mass media, as linguists, lexicographers and terminologists in scientific institutions.

In the course of the past four years our organisation (and its individual members) have become valued and acknowledged partners for a number of governmental and international organisations. At many specialised seminars and conferences organised entirely or in part by SSPOL, we have turned our attention to and attempted to deal with problems in the sphere of the making and use of terminological monolingual and translation dictionaries. We work systematically on the creation, establishing and unification of specialised terminology, especially in such fields as law and public administration, economics, social security, agriculture, medicine, linguistics, as well as many other areas. We also devote attention to the use of computers in translating.

The executive committee of SSPOL co-operates with The International Federation of Translators (FIT), Committee of Languages of Limited Diffusion, which at the present time has its headquarters in Bratislava.

This reverse side of the publication presents these entries in English, as the list is also intended to serve the needs of various foreign institutions, in particular the needs of the relevant institutions in the European Union.